GoldMine Magazine

"His rough-hewn voice lets us know that there’s a darkness at the edge of the fertile fruit fields in his native San Joaquin Valley in central California."
  Bruce Sylvester Goldmine Magazine

Elmore Magazine Album Review

"Lance Canales seems to summon the spirits and ghosts that travel with the migrant workers in California’s Central and San Joaquin Valleys. Other writers like Tom Russell and Dave Alvin have created some vivid observations about these people and this area in their material, but, having grown up there, Canales delivers first-hand observations, and in doing so, puts forth one of the grittiest, sweatiest vibes you’ll hear on any record." Jim Hynes- Elmore Magazin

Latino Rebel Magazine Album Review

“This album is the one of the biggest breakthroughs of the year and the most compelling I’ve heard in a long time. It’s clearly Canales best work yet, as we see him unifying the thread between the Latino community and folk-blues music.” Marlena Fitzpatrick- Latino Rebel Magazine

NPR Interview

Deportee on Tell Me More

Artist Time Hernandez talks with "Tell Me More"'s Michael Martin about creating the Deportee memorial with Lance.

Elsewhere Music blog Album Review

"Canale's gravelly delivery, his roughed-up roots approach on these folk-blues songs of desperation, injustice and hard times, and the power of his storytelling make for compelling listening". By